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RED EMPEROR CHINESE RESTAURANT & AUSPICIOUS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Proudly Present Chinese Calligraphy Night on Tuesday, 25th August, 2015.


Red Emperor Chinese Restaurant in Southgate has announced a night of historic significance when three great Chinese Calligraphers will present six pieces of their works to be auctioned off, with proceeds to be donated to beyondblue.

The owners of Red Emperor, John Lin and Lida Gao, have teamed up with high profile Chinese Calligraphers Hong Fu, Benlin You and Zili Yao, presented by Auspicious Australia Pty Ltd to raise funds for beyondblue at a charity dinner on Tuesday, 25th August 2015. As well as the auction, they have agreed to demonstrate their art for patrons during the evening.

Mr. Hong Fu, artist, Chairman of Pacific Federation of Literary and Art Circles was born in 1946 in China. Before migrating to Australia in 1990, he was already well known in China and had previously held solo exhibition in the National Art Gallery of China in Beijing. Since then, he has held 53 solo exhibitions in Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom and many more. His art pieces are highly sought after and collected around the world. He was officially commissioned to paint portraits of many high profile personalities such as the former Prime Minister of Singapore Mr. Goh Chok Tong, former Governor of Victoria Sir James Gobbo, Sir Charles Court, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Dr Joseph Brown and Cathy Freeman. He had won many art prizes including The Mortimore Art Prize and was a finalist several times in the Archibald Prize, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and Dobell Prize for Drawing. His calligraphy is of a contemporary style.

Mr. Benlin You, a native of Pukou, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province of China, was born in 1959. Mr. You graduated from Nanjing University and Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, majoring in English language and Chinese medicine. He is now the Chairman for Australian Chinese Calligraphy Artists Association, President for Australia Jiangsu Association and Vice-president for Jiangsu Association for Investment and Trade.

Mr Zili Yao, a media practitioner in China for more than 20 years worked for the national newspaper, radio, television, magazines and other media organisations. He is interested and specialised in calligraphy, painting and collections. Mr. Yao established and manages The Guan Cheng Ge Private Art Gallery. He planned and organised many major art exhibitions. He migrated and settled in Melbourne in 2013. He is the Vice President of Australia Shanxi Commerce Association Inc., Vice President of Melarts Association Inc., Executive Director of Australia Chinese Arts Festival Inc. He is also a member of The Australian Chinese Calligrapher Artists Association and Chinese Photography Club of Victoria Australia Inc.

Lida Gao said, “We are proud to be supporting beyondblue. Chinese Calligraphy has been linked to physiological changes that reduce tension and stress, and may be of benefit to some people experiencing symptoms of depression.

Three famous artists will be demonstrating their skills at our restaurant. They will each donate 2 pieces of their art to be auctioned off with the proceeds to be donated to beyondblue. Guests will have the opportunity to discuss and try their skills at Chinese calligraphy.”

About Calligraphy:
Chinese calligraphy or Shufa in the Chinese language literally means “the way/method/law of writing”. It is the practice of traditional Chinese brush writing. As a discipline, Chinese calligraphy is at the basic level, a pursuit with the primary focus on writing Chinese characters which could be retraced back to 4000BC. On the other hand, calligraphy is also considered an art where works are appreciated more for their aesthetic qualities.

The shape, size, stretch and type of hair in the brush, the color and density of the ink, as well as the absorptive speed and surface texture of the paper are the main physical parameters influencing the final result. The calligrapher also influences the result by the quantity of ink/water he lets the brush take up, then by the pressure, inclination, and direction he gives to the brush, producing thinner or bolder strokes, and smooth or toothed borders. Eventually, the speed, acceleration and deceleration of the writer’s moves, turns, and crochets, and the stroke order give the “spirit” to the characters by influencing their final shape. ( Source : Wikipedia )

The focus is on the stroke he is writing at that very moment. He needs to forget the stroke before and not think of the strokes to come. It is this concentration of intention that gets the person “into the zone” one stroke at a time!

Statistics found on the beyondblue website show that 1 in 16 young Australians are experiencing depression and 1 in 6, anxiety. These are alarming statistics. In the last few years, there had been many high profile people who had been diagnosed with mental health issues and thus brought some light to the situation. Even so, we at Red Emperor feel that the awareness of such debilitating illness is not enough. Together with Auspicious Australia Pty. Ltd., Red Emperor is presenting a Calligraphy & Mental Health function on Tuesday, 25th August, 2015.

Most people put emphasis on physical health and tend to forget about mental health, which is just as important if not more. It is our intention to spread the awareness and hopefully make more people realize the impact of mental health conditions through this function. At the same time, we believe that Chinese calligraphy could be explored as a form of relaxation, a form of “meditation”. Many would also term this exercise as “Calligraphic of Mindful Art”.

Red Emperor Restaurant is located on the Middle Level of the Southgate complex, an easy walk to the CBD and adjacent to the booming apartment developments of Southbank.

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