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We are very glad to have a TV media team from Hong Kong to enjoy a sunny, lovely , spring morning with us. Madame Gigi WONG is a famous actress and M.C. since 1970s. She took part in tons of Cantonese dramas and travelogues. She is not only a career woman , but also a very good mother with excellent cooking skill.

This morning , Madam Gigi WONG with her team filmed the 3rd episode of <Eating Well With MadamWong> at Red Emperor. The 3rd episode is about Australia. In this episode, they travel around the main cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, etc.

In Hong Kong , people mainly consume lamb, beef and chicken. Therefore, they had 3 of our signature dishes, which is extremely unusual and perhaps could not find in other Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. They firmed the cooking processes. Our chef also introduced them the ingredients and techniques on cooking the dishes.
Dishes of the day:
– Kangaroo fillet with black pepper, garlic & Shallots
– Crocodile fillet with XO chilli sauce
-Signature twice-cooked spicy quail

As mentioned, Madam Gigi Wong is a talented cook. She also showcased a quail dish on her own style. With light and refreshing style of seasoning (with pepper , salt and soy sauce), juicy character of the quail was displayed. The episode will be broadcasted in the coming season in Hong Kong(TVB).We look forward to share the achievement of today with the huge effort of the team.
Last but not least, We sincerely thank you the Victoria Tourism Board (www.visitvictoria.com/) and the Tourism Australia (Hong Kong) for bringing us a memorable experience on showcasing Melbourne. We look forward to the next cooperation.

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